Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

3:46 PM


   We're back from our mini vacation, and I wish I could say we are completely relaxed and rested and rejuvenated, but...that is just not the case.  We got back friday night and spent Saturday at our church's Heritage Day and then Sunday was busy as usual, and here we are on Monday, still trying to recover.

   The pickup still needs to be unloaded of some things, the laundry is not caught up, I'm canning pizza sauce today and continuing (sort of) to potty train, and the girls seem intent on devouring hidden packs of gum and coloring themselves green with markers, and so you know.....life goes on.

   The catch-22 of vacations is that they are really awesome but they are also a lot of work.  But I guess that applies mostly to vacations with children.  Because I think of our trip to Hawaii and I sigh melodramatically and get lost in wistful nostalgia of how EASY and SIMPLE everything was.

   But then the beauty of vacation with children is that you're not missing them every 15 minutes and wishing they could be there to experience what you're experiencing because, they are!  And so that is work but it is wonderful, and it is tiring, but it is so very rewarding.

I don't have time to blog about it now because of aforementioned pizza sauce canning, and children trying to out-do each other in a competition to tear the house apart, and the only reason I'm writing this little blurb is because they are taking a little mid-afternoon bath.  Oh did I mention they decided not to nap today??!

So I will just leave you with a few shots from Instagram.

Tune in later (on a less crazy, hectic, frazzled day) for more of our camping/coast adventure!

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