Story time tales.

3:54 PM

Jocelyn: "Mom do we really have to read a book right now? Seriously"

   Recently, Jocelyn and I came down with a touch of those bizarre, summer colds.  Runny noses, sneezing, sore throat, etc.  Barrels of fun. And somehow this took place JUST after we started consistently taking our vitamins. Oh the irony. 

   In any case, that (combined with potty training Charlotte!) has kept us at home and indoors lately.  Oh and also the desire to save on gas.  Because holy smokes, we went over our budget recently and I about CROAKED on the amount we spend on gas.  Anyone else?  Is it just me??

   Please don't miss the fact that Charlotte is currently getting her finger stuck in the page from "Pat the Bunny" where you try on Mommy's ring.  And so it sort of looks like there is a real finger in that book.  Love it.

   It feels like I used to do photo shoots of my girls all the time, and I just haven't very much recently.  I mean perhaps to you, the reader, it still seems like I take lots of pictures because when I do they usually end up on here, but I feel like I don't nearly as much as I used to.

   When Jocelyn was little and it was only her and I during the day, I would dress her all up, grab my camera, and load her and some props into the stroller and walk down to the river for a photo shoot.  Sometimes it took me all morning but hey, I came away with pictures I loved, so it was worth it.

Now I can hardly imagine such an elaborate endeavor.

   These days, it is all about the candid shots.  The "Quick! Grab the camera, they aren't killing each other!" moments, and location is home, or wherever we happen to be together.  And each time I take photos of them, I remember pretty quickly why I don't do it more often than I do.

   Because first of all......are you ready for your closeup, Jocelyn??  They don't stand/sit/stay where you want them to.  Obviously. 

  Secondly, they don't want to wear what you want them to wear.  What they want to wear is usually something like a t-shirt over a Snow White princess dress with a lime green ski hat....which is exactly what my oldest daughter wants to wear basically Every. Single. Day.  

   And so even when I do coerce them into something presentable for a few pictures, you better believe that princess dress is flying back on the moment I put my camera away.

   Thirdly, they don't hold still. They are 2 and 3 years old.  And so "let's take some pictures" usually turns into a very long edition of the "let's tackle mommy while she's holding an expensive camera" game.  So that's always lots of laughs. 

   Fourthly, we actually have to do our hair.  I mean, we don't have to, but it's nice right?  For the sake of all the photo viewers anyway.  And I use that term loosely because by "do our hair" I mean run a brush through it and attempt to tame its wildness into some sort of fashion that doesn't shout "child neglect" and "I need a shower".  


But then I bite the bullet.

   We throw something decent on, I run a brush through 3 tangled heads and I snap some photos in our living room.  It's not glamorous, but it's certainly better than nothing.  And years down the road, I won't remember the chaos of trying to wrangle little ones into photos, or even worse, the chaos that is self-timer so I can attempt at being in some with them.

   I will remember the stories read, the sloppy kisses given, and the giggles and grins during another rousing round of "tackle the mama" and I will ache for those days again.

It's not picture perfect, but it's oh-so-worth it. 

The custom pillows are from Tinyprints.  

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  1. The gas, oh, the gas!! With school having begun, we are using up more gas in a weeks time than we ever thought possible :( Yes, I totally feel your pain!

    I love the pictures! Your girls are so beautiful & precious!


  2. Shelley both you and your girls are too cute. I love seeing pictures of them; and yes, photoshoots with small children is no small feat. In fact it is quite an accomplishment to get even a few good ones! Love that you got in the pictures with them! Those pictures will be so special to them some day.

    Love how much you've been blogging! Keep it up :)

  3. Love it! and the hair looks fantastic. :)

  4. Absolutely worth the chaos! Love the ones of all three of you on the couch! Framers! :) Jewel


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