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   One of the many blessings of being a part of our church family is being able to raise our children with so many other young families.  There are babies and toddlers and little ones EVERYwhere.  And I am so grateful I don't have to walk these trenches of parenthood alone.

   During the summer our ladies' Bible study takes a break, which is always a sad day for me.  I miss the fellowship, the iron sharpening iron, and the time spent together.  But thankfully, we do a play day once a week until Bible study resumes in the fall.  Of course summer can get crazy and I don't always make it, but when I do, I never regret that I did.  Plus then Jocelyn gets her fill of holding little babies which basically makes her entire week.

   It seems as I get older, I learn more and more what it means to be a "church family".  Growing up, I took church family for granted.  I was born and raised at one church.  My parents never "church-hopped" or "church-shopped" and I had roots that went far and deep and wide at Sunnyside Mennonite church.  And so never knowing anything different, I sort of took it all for granted.

   I took for granted the camaraderie that comes with knowing people over years and years.  The kind of fellowship that only happens once you've laughed together, cried together, been embarrassed together, and humbled together.

   That quiet confidence that no matter what, no matter when....there were people that would be there for you.  Help you, uphold you, pray for you, encourage you, strengthen you.  That there is an entire network that is essentially designed to be strong where you are weak.  To pool everyone's talents and giftings until the Body as a whole is stronger than a single person ever could be.

   I love the sense of purpose in a church family.  That we are all choosing to worship together, raise our families together, drive each Sunday to just be in the same place as each other as we walk closer and closer to God.

   Where did I hear this quote??  I can't remember so please, someone who knows, give the person credit!  I think it was a blogger friend that said, "We're just all walking each other home."

And I think that's beautiful.

   I feel lucky to be where we are.  Blessed that God led us where He did.  And I don't want to take it for granted.  I want to give and help and serve where and when I can, and be thankful for the church family that I have.  For the people God has placed within my small little world.

   What are you thankful about in your church family?  What are some ways you could show that you're grateful for them?  I'd love to hear about it!

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