Friday fashion: LBS.

10:27 AM

Tired of seeing a braid crown around here lately? 

   Hmmm, well that's unfortunate.  It takes like 30 seconds and you can do it with the messiest of messy hair, so it has become my ultimate go-to, and I don't see that changing any time soon.  So until someone shows me how to do something I like better that requires an equal (or less) amount of time, I'm sticking with this.    

   In other news, you've all heard of the LBD (a.k.a Little Black Dress).  But for this fashion Friday, we will be talking a little bit about one of my favorite closet staples, the LBS, or Little Black Skirt.  *cheese alert*

   If you would have told me a few years ago that one day one of my go-to pieces would be a high-waisted, A-line, plain black skirt, well....I probably wouldn't have believed you.  That sounds a little boring.  

And like a waitress uniform. 

   But I am happy to report that I have come around to the idea, and after snagging this one at Goodwill, I have fallen more and more in love with it ever since, wearing it approximately a billion times, give or take a few.

   First of all, it goes with anything.  I mean I guess that's kind of obvious, it is black, after all.  But secondly, it dresses up otherwise casual pieces.  I can pair it with a t-shirt and statement necklace and suddenly, I'm ready for church.  A tank top and light cardigan goes just as well with it as does a patterned top, button-down chambray, or textured sweater.

Like I said, anything.

   And just when I thought I couldn't like it anymore, I figured out that it's not just for spring, fall and winter.  In the colder months I often wear it with tights and boots and love the simplicity of the black against a bold color or patterned legging, but then this past summer I realized it can be perfect for summertime too!  Just pair it with sandals, a light tee and summery scarf, and the black doesn't seem to un-seasonal.  If the day is especially warm, just trade the scarf for a necklace and you're set.

   And yes, these pictures are from earlier this summer.  Although believe it or not, we are STILL having warm and sunny days!  I'm not sure fall has gotten the memo yet.

What are some of your favorite closet staples? 

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  1. but I can't really see the skirt

  2. ^^ don't we all know what an a-line skirt looks like?

    Not sure I need a new skirt but I'd gladly take your figure!!


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