Bump style inspirations.

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  Anyone else notice that the bump makes its appearance a WHOLE lot earlier with baby #3 than with baby #1? Wow.  Wasn't expecting that one.  I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot more wear and tear out of my maternity clothes than the first time around.

So here's a round-up of some of my favorite bump-style inspiration lately:

   First up, Grace from Camp Patton.  She's a mother of four under four, so really, she should be something of an expert when it comes to bump style.  I find myself gravitating toward the kinds of comfy/casual outfits she throws together, and having some of the same pieces myself, it is easy to replicate.

Images via Camp Patton

   Next in line on the round-up is the lovely Naomi from Love Taza.    She is currently expecting her third little one any day/week now, and I will be a little sad when the bump pictures come to an end.  Her outfits are always creative and colorful and I love seeing the unique combinations she throws together!

Images via Love Taza.

   Next we have Bridget from Tales of me and the Husband.   They have a super cool love story and a beautiful, growing family, and I just know you will want to check her out.  Another bump I will be sad to see go, but happy for her when her little guy arrives and she'll be on the "other side"! 

Images via Tales of me and the Husband.

  Lastly, we have Arielle from Arielle Elise who is an insanely talented photographer and mama to three little darlings, and quite possibly the snazziest maternity dresser I've ever even seen.  Seriously, this woman cannot put a bad outfit together.  

Images via Arielle Elise

  So you would think with this plethora of adorable inspiration I would be able to get out of my "I'd just rather sit here in sweatpants, thank-you" phase, but it's been a little difficult through this 1st trimester.  The 2nd and 3rd are a lot more fun in general, mostly because you're no longer feeling like crawling in a whole and hibernating until your due date, but they are also a lot more fun to dress.  So...looking forward to that.

Hope you had  a lovely Monday! 

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  1. So crazy . . . so last night, I read your blog post, and this morning, I woke up to a dream that I was pregnant and about to have a baby! Moral of the story: I guess I shouldn't read prego blog posts late at night. ;) haha!

    I love your sense of style, Shelley, and that you take time to share it and blog about it! You are so beautiful! You really, really are.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at church when I'm home in a few weeks if you're around! You are so, so very loved. Hope you're doing well!

  2. What a neat + timely post! These are some super cute preggy inspirations…thanks for sharing!


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