Giveaway winner and prenatal smoothies.

3:27 PM

And the winner from Tuesday's giveaway is.................Jessica M. from Iowa!!!

   I've already emailed her and hopefully she will be receiving her Lilla Rose clip soon, just in time to style for the holidays. Thanks to all who entered, and a big thank-you to Grace for sponsoring!  FYI, If anyone else out there has a product they'd like to offer for a giveaway, shoot me an email and we can work something out.

   In other news, if you happen to find yourself battling through the awfulness that is known as the First Trimester like me right now, you may find yourself with a deep aversion to all things food.  Well, all things healthy that is.  Funny how that works, isn't it?  It doesn't matter HOW queasy or nauseous or fatigued or wretched I feel, cookie dough ice cream and Doritos just never seem to lose their appeal.  Why IS that??!

   But as much as we'd like to imagine (hope, dream, wish) that a healthy and happy pregnancy could consist of a diet of Twix bars and Ginger Ale, *spoiler alert* it can't.

Enter, the prenatal smoothie.

   Today for lunch I warmed up some chili for the girls and thought I was going to lose my cookies.  Chili was just NOT going to happen today for my lunch, no matter how healthy, filling, and protein-providing it was.  Sorry baby bump, not happenin'.

  So I looked in my fridge, desperate for something that didn't make me want to heave, and I saw....nothing.  Nothing!  So, rather than turn to the pantry for some sugary snacks, I turned to my blender, whipped up this smoothie, and it saved the day.  Hence, I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

   Now, it's pretty comical that I would be sharing a recipe with you all because I'm just not the recipe type.  When cooking, I usually just throw things together and see how it all turns out.  And a smoothie is like the EPITOME of throwing things together.  So this is not an "official" recipe, it's just a vague idea of what I like to throw together.  Make sense?

   Oh and a few disclaimers....everything in here is optional.  It's a smoothie, get creative! If the spinach makes it too gritty, use less.  If you don't need it a little sweeter, skip the honey.  If you DO need it sweeter, use less yogurt, or use flavored yogurt.  And lastly, I added Floradix because I have been dra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-gging and need the boost of iron.  But of course you can skip that, or consult your doctor on that first if you'd like.

O.k. here we go:

2-3 (or more or less) frozen bananas.
1-2 (more or less:) Cups of frozen, thawed, strawberries.
Two huge handfuls of spinach.
1-2 TBS of wheat germ.
1/2--1 Cup of plain Greek yogurt.
2 handfuls of ice cubes.
1 TBS of honey.
Few splashes of milk. :)
10-20 ml. of Floradix.

  Add all ingredients to the blender, mix it all up and garnish with a lemon and pretty straw.  Presto, a meal that is healthy, wholesome, and doesn't make you want to curl up in the fetal position.



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  1. My friend (Amish Midwife) says you need to drink 2-3 quarts of water a day and eat a good diet with Protein, and (Iron at least 11 for a healthy home birth) The baby needs both while its developing, and women do not understand how important it is for the babies brain. I love being an assistant to the Midwife, but what gets me discouraged is when I see the expectant or nursing mother, not eating healthy. The baby usually gets what it needs to a point. The baby takes nourishment from the mother but if she is not eating a balanced diet, she will suffer and then the baby will too. I’m sorry for preaching, your shake sounds good. Mom


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