Letter tracing fun.

2:15 PM

   We've been trying to find ways to beat the winter blues around here, with the colder weather keeping us from playing outside.  I've heard some Jocelyn's age are already writing their names apparently??!  So I'm late to the party and just trying to keep up with teaching her to trace letters.

Preschool world-record holders, we are not.

   In any case, my 2 and 3 yr olds get a little bored with tracing over letters after a little while.  So of course Pinterest has a remedy for that.  What doesn't Pinterest have a remedy for??

   It's as simple as it looks, just write out their name (hopefully they have shorter names that fit on the paper better) and trace with glue, and then top with Cheerios!  Good luck keeping them from eating them all first.

   What are some of the ways you are beating the winter blues and/or tackling preschool work with your littles because I'm am like, the worst and need some tips.  Happy Wednesday!

Oh and one last reminder to enter the Lilla Rose giveaway!  It ends tonight at midnight!!

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  1. Genius!!! Doesn't it seem like winter is settling in so early?!! Too bad Emmett isn't old enough for these kinds of projects. Haha. Xo

  2. I wouldn't worry about what other children Jocelyn's age are doing. Every child is different and will progress at a different pace. It will just "click" some day. I have to keep telling myself that about Brielle, too. My opinion is let them play while they're young because there are many years when they HAVE to do school. Just something I've learned by the 5th one. Love the idea of glue and cheerios! You're doing great with your girls!


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