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Well.  I hope you all had at least half as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as I did.  

   For starters, the food was AMAZING AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO COOK IT.   I don't think I would even need anything else to happen other than that to make it 100% mind-blowingly awesome in this stage of my 1st trimester yuckiness. I have never thrived on cooking to start with, but right now it is like Chinese torture techniques for me to even think about, much less do.  My fridge is clean and it still makes me want to throw up.  The most wonderful smells of food are just....well, awful.  It makes zero sense, you think it's all in my head, blah blah blah.....welcome to preggo-land.

  Anyways.  Thanksgiving.  We spent a lot of time with family and friends, playing games and watching football, and getting out the Christmas decorations.  And Randy had off 4 DAYS OF WORK IN A ROW.  Which is....I don't even know what that is.  An early Christmas miracle?  It was pretty perfect.  But now it's back to reality, and realizing I have a pile to catch up on around here we go.

   When my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (did you follow that?) approached me about doing a product review/giveaway for Lila Rose hair clips, I'll admit I had never heard of them before.  But I was happy to try something new, and she gave me one of their flex mini clips in gold, and a pearl headband.  The clip is perfect for a half-up half-down style that is definitely one of my "I-have-no-time" go-to hairstyles. 

 Sorry you can't see the clip all that was freezing cold that day and we were snapping pictures pretty this will have to do.

   And the headband is PERFECT for all of those upcoming holiday events or parties.  I love using it just as an accent piece, or as a way of styling the "Gibson roll" hairstyle that is another one of my absolute go-tos.  
    Just place the headband over your hanging hair (instead of under like normal) and roll up all of your hair until it is all tucked in.  Viola!  It is seriously that fast, simple and easy.  You can do it with wet or dry hair, and if you sleep with it in that style your hair will be curly the next day.  It couldn't be easier.
 So if you, like me, hadn't heard of them and would like to know more, allow me to introduce Grace to you, as she shares her story with Lilla Rose with you:

      "I was introduced to the Lilla Rose clips back in April of 2013.  My mother in law had purchased one from a neighbor at a local sale and I got to see how the clips work.  It was the bendable, flexible thing about the clip that hooked me. 

   Our family had begun attending a new-to-us church and I observed other ladies wearing different flexi clips in there hair and I became more intrigued.  I went online and looked up the details of the Lilla Rose company.  I wanted to see how this company stacked up against other home-based businesses.  I thought about it, asked my husband about his input, and "slept" on the idea for about 3 days.  I then called a local lady that I knew was a consultant and got more information.  A week later, on July 6th of 2013, I joined the Lilla Rose company.  

 I took a catalog into work.  I had a party, did a few shows and it did not take long to realize that people are drawn to this unique hair clip.  Its metal, yet it bends.  Its pretty, yet practical.  The decorative part of the flexi clip is made with piano wire, giving it a durable ability to flex around your hair-or scarf!   I use a mini flexi in my hair for my half-up.  I use a small for my pony-tail and a medium for my twist. I use my small flexi clip for a silk scarf accessory.  I use my medium for my thicker scarves. 

  The Lilla Rose company also carries a line of adjustable hairbands, you-pins and hairsticks for up-dos and bobbie pins.  I enjoy showing ladies these clips and hairbands and letting them try them on.  Its good to get a feel for the right size before purchasing the clips.  Everyone has a different texture and thickness of hair. We are all so unique.:) 

 I am online with a customer website for browsing -plus videos! at or   my email is  Its easy to meet up with a few clips and let a lady or five browse through my selection.    

  If you're liking what you see, tune it tomorrow for a chance to win your very own small flexi clip from Lilla Rose! And even if you don't win, check out Grace's website, facebook page, or shoot her an email and she would be happy to help you order your own!  See you then!

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