It's that Christmas-card-crunch time of the year again.

2:39 PM

   I have been super privileged to work with Tinyprints a couple of times now, and so they were the first people I turned to when I was considering our holiday cards this year.  I was wanting to do some sort of announcement of baby #3 as well, and that's when I realized, I am never ever going to get around to completing two different things.  Not happening.  Pregnancy-brain was rolling in like a blanket of West coast fog and it was all I could do to get myself dressed in the morning.

   So, if you're A. Lazy like me, and B. Like to multi-task, and C. incapable of conquering more than one thing at a time, than why not do two things at once??  That's what we did anyway with our holiday/announcement card.  So head on over to Tinyprints and take advantage of their 30% off sale (ends in three days!!) and design some of your very own Christmas cards.  

  OR, if you are pregnant like me and had to end up telling your friends and family extra-early because a certain toddler couldn't wait to spill the news....make it a Thanksgiving card!  So many cute styles and options.  

 Tinyprints also does custom address stamps, (even though my stamp happens to be from somewhere else, purchased last year) which you will definitely want to check out.  It would have been SUPER useful last year when I sent out all of my rag-tag Christmas cards with NO return address. :(  It's a long story.  One that involves moving to a new house, out-dated address labels, and a stamp that I ordered but didn't arrive until AFTER Christmas and no time to do anything different.  Perfect.

   In any case it was a very humbling experience.  I had agreed to be part of a blogger Christmas card exchange, and all these mini masterpieces came rolling into my mailbox complete with washi tape, glitter, stickers, embellishments, fancy shapes, brown paper envelopes and hand-drawn calligraphy.  It made me and my humble cards want to crawl under a rock somewhere.

   But I'm learning that a little slice of humble pie every now and then is really quite good for us.  Keeps us grounded.  My Christmas cards or my handwriting or CERTAINLY my crafting skills will never win any competitions, but that's not really the point anyway, is it?  It's sending out a small memento of your year, your family, and your love to those you hold dear.

Happy card-making!

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  1. well, you have my vote that your thanksgiving/christmas/announcement cards are WAAAAY gorgeous + creative! I love them!! And the red envelopes?! YES PLEASE-so cool! Love your style!

  2. Cute. You haven't figured out not to tell a toddler a secret you don't want out? =) too funny congrats


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