Pink and blue.

3:18 PM

   I've been missing seeing these little faces on this blog lately...but the snotty noses and piles of tissues and house of horrors that is our life today isn't exactly a pretty picture, so we'll throw back to these pictures I caught a while back that I couldn't share until now.

(Don't mind Jocelyn's outfit....we really pick our battles around here when it comes to clothes.....)

I'd never been able to tell Randy in a fun way that I was pregnant.
   When I found out with Jocelyn he was just in the other room and I just burst through the door and blurted it out in shock and excitement.  Then with Charlotte I made up a note that said, "Shhh, Big Sister sleeping" and taped it to Jocelyn's bedroom door, but the moment he came home from work he knew I was hiding something, so I just ended up telling him then.

So THIS time, I was determined we would at least have a little fun with it.

   The girls helped me make cupcakes and we decorated in pink and blue and I made a little card for him and then....we waited.

   Of course, they didn't actually know the reason behind it all.  I hadn't told them and wasn't planning to until it was safe to say, but we all know how that story turns out.

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

   And of course, as fate would have it, this was a night he ended up having to work EXTRA late, and didn't come home until long after the girls were sleeping, and the clock neared midnight and my patience had worn THIN.  

   But the waiting was all made worth it and more at the look on his face as he read the words on that little card.......

We can hardly wait.

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