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   I am sorry for all of the quiet around here lately....I really just cannot seem to get my act together these days.  This pregnancy is really taking it out of me this time.  Body, mind, emotions.

   And now the girls and I all have nasty colds, so that's a nice cherry on top right now, but honestly?  I am so thankful.  So desperately, gut-achingly thankful.  That even with the nausea, fatigue, and low blood sugar/pressure that leaves me icy cold all of the time....I am thankful.  Thankful for the life growing inside of me, and for the other precious lives in my care.  What a privilege.

Because we are not guaranteed that they always will be in our care, sick or well.
We are not guaranteed tomorrow.
We are not even guaranteed today.
And our entire lives could change in a moment.

   My dear sister-in-law Amy has already been through so much with losing her mother to cancer, and now, shortly after the anniversary of Lois' passing, Amy's sister Heidi has lost her 5-yr-old daughter.

  My heart is broken for them and all of their family as they must be just grasping for shafts of light through all of this darkness right now.  I truly cannot even begin to imagine.

   I was lying in the semi-darkness next to Randy the other morning as the sun rose and he said quietly, "I want to never forget that.  I want to never, ever forget that right now, some parents are waking up without their 5-yr-old daughter.  I think that will keep my problems in perspective."

And he couldn't be more right.

   What can I do but breathe thanks to Jesus for every day, every hour, every MOMENT that I am gifted with the ones that I love?

I think I'll start today, sick or not.


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  1. Amen. It can be so easy to forget that every day is a gift from God.


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