Almost half-way to baby.

5:00 AM

   Well we're finally almost at the half-way point around here (19 weeks!) and morale is high.  I am finally past the awfulness known as the first trimester of dreading cooking, despising smells, loathing my kitchen, and wanting to sleep all day long, and entering the warm and fuzzy stage of pregnancy when things start to feel a little more normal.  O.k. let's be honest, cooking still isn't my favorite thing to do.  But at least now it doesn't make me want to simultaneously vomit and burst into tears.  

   If only this sweet baby could know how much it is loved already.  Jocelyn and Charlotte ask OFTEN to "kiss the baby" whereupon they promptly lift my shirt (and yes, they attempt this in public if I'm not paying attention) and plant a big sloppy kiss on my ever-blossoming belly.  It is pretty stinkin' adorable.  

   Jocelyn talks incessantly about how she will grow bigger and bigger and bigger and then hold the baby.  So I'm not sure if she thinks she will be a teenager by the time she/he finally arrives??  I would correct her but sometimes it feels that way to me too.  She is already such a mother/nurturer to Charlotte, I know I am going to basically have to fight for time with my own baby.  

   With toddlers it is SUPER hard to try and communicate the concept of time, and just how long it is going to be before this baby is finally here.  I try the whole, "Daddy's going to have a birthday and then Charlotte will have a birthday and THEN the baby will come" approach, but that doesn't do much to give them an idea of how long that really is.  And I guess in all technicality, I am due June 14th and Charlotte's birthday is June 18th, so the baby COULD come before her birthday, but at this point, I am totally not counting on it.  I am trying to not get my hopes up for anything before July, if my last two pregnancies have anything to say about it. *sigh*

   Seriously though, I am about to go crazy wanting to feel this little babe! Those little flutters and kicks are so calming and reassuring, and supposedly you should feel them between 16-22 weeks.  I know that still gives me some time, but STILL.  I just want a good ol' roundhouse to the ribs every now and then to remind me that there IS someone in there, and they are alive and well.  Oh, and please remind me of this when I'm laying in bed and he/she is having an all-out dance party in there. 

  I took these two little munchkins along to my last appointment, and I was a little apprehensive about how things would go, but they did GREAT.  Despite having to park like, 5 miles away (it felt like it) and being a few (more like 10) minutes late, everything went quite smoothly.  Jocelyn was all goofy and giddy until they listened to the heartbeat, and then she got really anxious and covered her face with her hands.  But she secretly loved being able to go with me to see the midwife and talked about it for a long time.

   Charlotte of course doesn't seem to comprehend very much of any of it, but just loves being along for the ride, of course.  And MAN those two are growing up fast.  I remember when I had two (almost) non-walkers and would carry Jocelyn on my hip and a car seat in the crook of my other arm, and entering and exiting buildings felt like powerlifting and cardio rolled into one.  Now they are following me along, even helping carry a bag or backpack now and then.  What a difference a year or two can make!!

   And lastly, just for fun, let's have some discussion on finding out the gender.  In a few weeks I will have my ultrasound and we could find out what we're having if we choose to do so.  So far we have experienced both ways....we didn't know with Jocelyn and we did with Charlotte.  You would think trying both ways would make it easy to decide but my husband likes knowing and I like NOT knowing! So we are still undecided about which we will do.:)

How about you?? Which do you choose, and why?  I would love to hear.:)

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  1. We have found out with all so far. I keep suggesting we dont but Jeremy says otherwise and its not a huge deal to me. For some reason this third pregnancy it took a long time for me to actually feel kicks (21-22weeks) so hang in there, it will come!

  2. Congrats on being half-way!

    We are choosing to be surprised at the end with the gender, and I LOVE the suspense. I've had so many people tell me that to wait until the end is the way to go, but as with everything else in pregnancy, everyone is different and no one choice is the best-best-best one. Ben and I are on the same page with waiting to find out, but it could be a challenge if one of us wanted one way versus the other! Have fun figuring it out. :)

  3. Loved this post! :) with our two so far we've found out both times because my husband wanted to as well. I think it makes it a lot more real to a guy when they know. Are you kind of in girl mode and expect another one? I noticed you wrote she/he. After having two of the same, I think you kinda get in a mindset that that's what all your kids will be. Or maybe that's just me.;)

  4. We found out with all 3. Harlan wanted to know and it didn't matter to me. I liked having everything ready when the baby came :) Lorraine Roggie

  5. what a perfectly cute baby bump!
    glad you're past the worst part~
    i always wanted to know with mine.
    i like the surprise when i'm fully coherent and not after hours of labor!!! ;))

    can't wait to see what it is.

  6. We have 4 children, and only found out with our 3d. For myself, I have to say I like the surprise at the end :) And there is hope for you to go early. My first 3 were all late, one of them 11 days late. My 4th one came 11 days early :) That was sweet!

  7. Oh man I am STILL waffling on whether or not to find out.:)

  8. We were TOTALLY both pumped about the surprise our first one too, so it will be interesting to see if it ever changes in the future for you. ;) Both ways are fun!

  9. You're right, it is so nice to have things ready!

  10. O.k. that is SO encouraging!!! I would love to go a little early!!

  11. I can't tell if I am expecting a girl or a boy....I actually am tending to think boy this time, but I was CONVINCED Jocelyn was a boy, so there's that. :)

  12. I still can't figure out what I want to do :)


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