Country girl in the City.

2:59 PM

   We are back from a fun little jaunt up north to Seattle to watch the Big Game with our friends who live up there, and we had a wonderful time.

Aside from the heartbreak of Monday night, of course.

   I'll be honest, I'm still not totally over it.  It feels like so much more was at stake than "just a title" or "just a game".  I have never felt so deeply that someone truly deserved that trophy more than Marcus Mariota, and by extension, the Oregon Ducks.  Not just for the way he sacrificed and played on the field, but for the man that he is off the field.  

(Me and the littlest Duck fan quickly outgrowing this sweatshirt)

   He has completely and forever changed my view of college football.  I no longer view teams as faceless machines, comprised mostly of thugs and rapscallions waiting to get busted for their latest misdemeanor.  Naieve?  Maybe a little.  But that was my honest viewpoint and the headlines and media never said much to prove to me otherwise.  

Until Mariota.

   So am I sad the season ended the way it did for him?  You'd better believe it.  Am I mourning the fact that he won't be suiting up for Oregon next year?  Um, totally.  But I am so thankful for what he did to transform my view of the sport, and my attitude towards all those involved.  If someone like him can survive the pressures of college and the culture of sports in today's world and perform like he does with the humility that he has, than there is hope for us all.

  But, in spite of Monday's disappointment, it was wonderful to be in the city again and see our friends.  The girls are playing so well these days and forming such deep little friendships it is SO fun to watch them, and I'm so happy the miles between us haven't seemed to affect them too badly.  

   On Sunday we went to church with Ben and Emily, and I'll admit, a little pang of sadness went through me that it wasn't Mars Hill.  I am still so saddened by everything that happened with Mark Driscoll, and I still hope that things can be healed, restored and redeemed through all of this pain.  

  But I really loved their new church and the pastor there preached an amazing sermon about grace, and I felt the baby moving for what I think might be the first time!  I sat there, sipping my coffeee and hearing precious, encouraging words about the grace of God wash over me and feeling my baby move inside and it was all too beautiful to be coincidental.  

   Maybe this child will grow up to grasp the glorious concept of grace more than I have ever been able to, and maybe, just maybe he/she will change the world.  

   Seattle is such an amazing place.  So busy and modern and everyone there seems to be so young and hipster and visionary.  And even though at one time it was the most un-churched city in the nation, it now seems to be vibrant and thriving and filled with a hunger to grow and know more of God.   I love it there.  

  I always leave the city a little befuddled.  Why am I a country girl if I love the city so much? How did that happen?  Are we in the wrong place?  Am I just enamored with the romance of the idea of it all and would really actually hate city life? Would I desperately miss the country?  Or would the change be the best thing that's ever happened to us?  Will God call us to a city someday?  Will I live in a town with a population less than 1,000 my whole life??!

We may never know.

  If you follow me on Instagram, you caught little glimpses of our trip while we were there.  We tried to hit some of our favorite spots like Pike's Place market, and can you see that little green awning at the end of this alley and to the left??  That, my friends, is Pike's Place Chowder and happens to be the best bowl of seafood chowder you WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE.  Yes, I'm afraid to say, even better than Mo's. Thank me later.

  I want to share more about Seattle and also tell you all about the Bible study we had today, but I'm afraid that's all for now.  Nap time only lasts so long these days (and certainly doesn't happen every day!) and so the time is doled out like precious little war-time ration stamps to my different to-dos on my never-ending list.  

   Did you grow up in the city or the country? And where are you living now?  Which do you prefer and why?  Do you feel like God calls everyone to be specifically where they are, or do people just "end up" somewhere?  Thoughts?


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  1. Personally I think it's a myth that people are either "city people" or "country people."

    When I went to NYC last spring, I LOVED it. When I went home and drove combine all summer, I loved that too. They are both beautiful places to live.

    I don't know why we get the idea in our heads that we have to be one kind of person or the other--that's like saying if you like peas you can't like carrots too.

  2. ^ So true, there are so many dichotomies that might be true for many people, but not all! Like, maybe you're NEITHER a morning person or a night person, lol, or maybe you're both; same with dog 'or' cat person, tomboy or girly, introvert/extrovert, fashion-y or not (sometimes I LOVE shopping, and sometimes I don't think about clothes for a long time!), sensitive or resilient, on and on!

    I remember reading somewhere that the way our language work could be partly to blame, like if someone asked me what the opposite of 'happy' is, I'd say 'unhappy' or 'sad'. But that's not true, it's really 'non-happy.' Just because someone isn't happy, doesn't mean they're sad; they might just be feeling extra mellow or dreamy or absent-minded or whatever..

    ..sorry for the rant, this is a hobby horse of mine .. :)

  3. I grew up in the country too, and still live in the country today, but I am definitely a city girl at heart! There is something so invigorating + inspirational about the city, although I always say that if I did live in the city, I would be a lot poorer and a lot heavier...too many coffee shops, cafes, and quaint shops. ;) Seattle always sounds like the neatest place. A west coast trip is on our bucket list for someday so maybe we can hit it up sometime!
    Also, so sorry about the Ducks loss this week...their not even "my" team and I was so bummed!


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