Easy, simple, DIY Valentines.

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  I will probably never be one of those moms that shows up to her kid's class with the expensive cards in the latest cartoon trends and bagfuls of the most-coveted candy.  

   Valentine's Day always seemed to me to be one of those "elective" holidays that if you were too stressed out or overwhelmed with busy-ness you could just skip it entirely. Which coincidentally, is how I feel 93% of the time.  Lucky for me, I am married to an amazing man who doesn't feel that way.  

   I mean, it's hard enough for me to drag out all the fall decor, Thanksgiving things and Christmas trimmings, that by the time I get that all cleaned up and stored away the last thing I want to do start all over with, is more seasonal decor.  So I usually just skip it.  And actual Valentines?  They usually get passed over too.  

   But now that I have a toddler old enough to say, "Mama, do a craft with me!"  in that gentle, pleading way that tugs at your heart strings and sends you running to Pinterest, I figured I may as well make it seasonal.  So here we have it, toddler-friendly Valentines.  

   Poor Charlotte wasn't very involved because she was feeling under the weather.  Miraculously, in spite of a low-grade fever, I still convinced her to eat her spaghetti.  And then I just had to snap a picture as she sat there pitifully watching Jocelyn work on Valentines....poor, dear little thing.

  First off, let me warn you.  These are not Michelangelo-approved.  But I didn't say that, did I?  They are toddler-approved.  Which really means, they can look like just about anything and it's fine and dandy as long as they have candy inside and you're allowed to get a little messy while making them.

And these Valentines fit that bill perfectly.

   I'm actually sort of partial to the Valentines that aren't picture-perfect, because that usually means that a child made them.  And how much sweeter does it get than a token of love from the hand, artistry, and imagination of your own child??  Not much sweeter, I tell you.

   So rather than hover and assist and direct and instruct, I just sort of let them loose and see what they come up with.  And the results usually surprise me, in a good way.  

Instructions on this are so basic it feels ridiculous to list, but here goes:

1.  Dip eraser-end of pencil in paint for polk-dot effect.  You can get creative with this!  I saw a lot of cool ideas with this technique on Pinterest in the shape of hearts, etc.  but I just let them do it as a background of sorts so there was even more freedom.

2.  Use cookie cutters or a bent toilet paper tube for a heart-shaped stamp.  Dip in a contrasting colored paint and once again, get creative with it!

3. Sign a message on the inside and tape in a piece of candy, and you're good to go!  Like I said, not rocket science or art gallery material, but definitely toddler-approved.:)  

   So tell me, what do you usually do for Valentines?  Do you go all out and festoon your entire house in reds and pink? Or do you feel like you deserve an award of some kind if you actually make Valentines with your kids?  Whichever camp you find yourself in, I'd love to hear about it! 

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  1. CUTE! =) I also love the photo display in the background. DId you make that?

    I don't really decorate for Valentine's Day much, because I tend to forget about it until the day before. However, this year, a bunch of my friends and I are sending each other funny cards. We're having a contest to see who can find the most hilarious card. =) I'm really excited!

  2. I don't decorate, I don't even have any Valentine stuff. I try to do a special meal for everyone. Something heart shaped or something we don't have very often. Also I like to have sparkling grape juice, the kids think it is a big deal :) Harlan and I try to go on a date too.

  3. I love the new look of the blog! Also, I'm totally going to use this idea and make these with Vivian for her class :) Thanks! Happy weekend lady!

  4. those little blue hearts and pink polka dots are the sweetest. xoxo

  5. Any mom who does a craft with her kids deserves a gold star or a gold medal or words of affirmation or something! Go you! -saysthemomwhoisn'tatallcraftyandhastwocraftylilgirls

  6. I don't decorate much, just a red throw on the couch and a heart pillow. Right now Valentine's is stressing me out a bit. I have 3 Valentine's Day boxes in various stages of creation. The latest crisis, a minion eyeball is missing! I normally enjoy doing such crafty things, but should of done one box at a time. Three boxes being worked on at the same time, and everyone needing my help.. equaled stressful. Each of my kids are seriously creative, so I am thankful for that. My normal thing is to bake up some Valentine goodies for the kids.


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