One month old, and a nursery.

2:44 PM

   So my calendar informs me that our little man-child is one month old today, although I truly cannot believe it can be true.  I will spare you all the hormonal lamentations and cliche phrases about children growing like weeds and just say that WOW.  That really did fly by at a supersonic speed this time.  And they weren't lying when they said it goes faster with each one.  *sniff*

   And so in celebration of his one-month milestone, I thought I'd share a little peek into his room, which ironically, he spends almost zero time in.   He still sleeps in the cradle in our bedroom that Randy helped build (and sometimes our bed too, I'll just be honest) and I am just not even close to being ready to move him yet, so there he will remain for now.  But eventually, he will move into this room.

   I fixed up a nursery for Jocelyn but the second time around poor Charlotte just shared the already-existing girls' room (after she moved out of our room) and so this time around I was really wanting the chance to decorate a nursery again.  Because....BOY THINGS.  Fun, fun, fun.

   I wasn't originally planning on using navy but then I realized that it would just be the most practical choice.  The guest bedding was navy striped, and it would have been way too impractical to do away with the guest bed and make the entire room a nursery.  So since it would be a shared room and I didn't want to shop for new bedding, navy it was.  I still need something (headboard/wall art) for above the guest bed, so feel free to send suggestions my way.

  I wanted to stick with a fairly neutral theme, but then I decided to reuse the orange lamp I had sitting around and so little pops of orange were thrown in and of course it all became fairly colorful after that.  Oh well!  The love-of-color in me continues to leak out despite my best intentions.  

   One of the elements I KNEW I wanted (thanks to Pinterest) was a peg board above the changing table.  So Randy installed this nifty little number and I am just loving it for all the diaper station necessities.  

     It's not perfect and I'm sure it will continue to change as I add little things here and there (or maybe with just each Hobby Lobby run...that place is dangerous!!) but it works for now.  And it's not like he notices or anything. Ha.  The little alarm clock on the night stand doesn't work, but I wanted to use it anyway, so I just set it to the time he was born, and so it's frozen there forever.  Now if only we could make REAL time stand still......

   And please ignore the train.  The girls keep playing with it and I'll admit I have very little patience/reassembling skills and can hardly figure the thing out and so it looks a little preposterous here.  Why do they even make toys that you need a degree in engineering to decipher??!

   Our sweet William has quickly worked his way into the deepest parts of all of our hearts, and we can hardly imagine life without him.  I know I said I'd spare you all the cliches but I can hardly believe it's been a whole month since he entered our world.  I feel like his birth JUST HAPPENED.  

   The memories and emotions are still so raw and fresh in my mind.  I have said it before and I'll say it again....there is nothing on earth like the moment when your child is born.  This last labor was lightning quick and pure AGONY, but it was, like each of my births, incredible.  I beg for it to end quickly and as soon as it does, I want that moment to last forever.  But you can't have it both ways.  Time marches on, slowly, methodically, relentlessly.  But oh, that the most euphoric high coursing through my veins that would make any narcotic seem like the cheapest substitute.

   I'm hoping for many, MANY more months and years with my little man, but in the meantime, I'm just grateful for each and every single day God gives me with this sweet boy.  

Oh my son, how you are loved.

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