Costco and Cloy.

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    The other day I mustered up my courage for the maiden voyage to Costco with all three little ones in tow.  It was supposed to be laundry day but we were completely out of diapers so....Costco it was.    "I spy with my little eye.....a William."  "Girls deep in thought, baby deep in groceries."  So many caption possibilities for this photo.

   I kept expectations l-o-w and it went surprisingly well.  The key is to go early.  The crowds are slim and you can breeze around (as well as one can breeze with a 3,000 pound cart) and pay for your things without waiting in line and take up an ENTIRE table in the food court if you're into that.

And whenever I'm at Costco these days, I think of our friend Cloy, and I miss him.  

   At his funeral, people talked about his "second office" being the food court in Costco, where he liked to get mocha shakes and meet with people to talk about Jesus.  I like to think that now, he gets to meet with Jesus over a mocha shake to talk about all of us.

A couple of weeks ago I posted the picture below on Instagram with this caption:

Heard news today that someone from church that has been such a source 
of wisdom and Godliness and encouragement to us is dying. 
We also saw my new nephew today and are waiting for my sister's baby to arrive any day. 
"New life makes losing life easier to goes out, one comes in." -jack Johnson

He passed away the very next day.  

   Cloy was one of those people that just made you feel important.  Special. Like you really mattered, and that you had a unique role to fulfill in this world.  In our culture today, I think that is a lost art.  We're usually too busy trying to make ourselves feel like a somebody than to stop and help someone else feel that way.  That is a gift.  And the world needs more people who make others feel special, I think.

    He was such an encouragement to Randy and I, making us feel as if we were serving on an important mission field right here, right now, even in our stage of life with diapers and strollers and late night feedings.  He had so much life experience and wisdom to share, it felt like you needed to bottle it all up somehow when you talked with him.  You know those conversations that always leave you feeling like God is really, truly, accomplishing something in your life?  That is how you felt after talking to Cloy.

    I guess I kind of want to be just like him.....continuing to serve Jesus with my whole heart until my last day.  Encouraging others, especially young families that often feel like they are accomplishing little else than finding missing socks and shoes and sweeping up Cheerios and broken crayons.  Calling them to see Christ in the everyday.  To see purpose in the ordinary.

   I want to make people feel like they matter.  Because they do.  I want people to feel God's love when they are talking with me.  I want to take advantages of God-given opportunities to show people Christ, or encourage them in their walk with Him, wherever I may have the chance.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  It can be the Costco food court with a mocha shake.  

He is infinitely happier than us right now.  He is at the feet of Jesus.  

But he will be missed.

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