Instagram ate my blog.

7:42 PM

Instagram:  The beginning of the end to all blogs, everywhere.

  It's just too easy.  I can just take a picture, add a caption, and boom.  Done.  No sitting down at a computer, logging into blogger, or typing with both hands required.  It's just so mom-user-friendly.

   I can be sitting there nursing, and scroll through the feed with one hand, liking and commenting and posting with ease.  And so it is, that at this very often one-handed phase of my life right now, I turn to IG much, MUCH more often than my blog.  So maybe I should just shut this old thing on down?  Or maybe start a series of sorts where I re-cap IG on my blog?  Too repetitive?  Boring? Unnecessary?  Probably all of those things.

   If you're not into IG and have no intention of being any time soon, I'll just do a little copy and paste action to let you know what we've been up to lately.

Is there anything sadder than a sick babe? This little guy had his "well baby check" yesterday which was ironic timing as he hasn't been well lately. Seems to have caught what the girls had. 😔 we are hunkering down today, hoping things get better soon. In other news he's growing like a champ! 13.2 lbs and my little chunky monkey.

Sunday. I vaguely remember back in the cobwebby recesses of my mind, when Sunday's meant morning coffee with my husband and taking notes in church. Now Sunday's mean finding shoes and combing hair and nursing babies, packing diaper bags, changing blowouts, convincing shy ones to go to Sunday school, not succeeding, eating out, cleaning up vomit, missed naps, rocking babies, back to church, missing most of it, back home, tumble into bed. I know one day that this stage of Sundays will be the distant memory, and I will be back to quiet cups of coffee with randy and I will miss this.....but for now, I am tired and I am (unlike the rest of the world) ready for Monday. Such a timely sermon it was on the working of our patience through trials.

Put this little mister down for a "nap" yesterday around 6 pm when we were eating dinner, and He woke up a few hours later for a feeding and pajama change, and then it was back to dreamland until big sis woke him up this morning at 7:00.  I was more aware of "sleep training" with my first two but I'll admit, this time I haven't really gotten around to any of that. And he has been the easiest, sweetest, most relaxed laid-back baby I can imagine. Maybe because I'm more relaxed? We haven't formed a routine "schedule" yet and I know that isn't for everybody, but we are loving it over here. 

Oh little W, if you only knew how much we love you. 

We made a trip to Portland last night for craigslist stuff and life is different in the city. I got questions about my crew everywhere I went, along with the expected, "wow your hands are full!" "How old is he?" To even the "are you guys done having kids?!" But I really didn't mind it. I'll be honest, it's kind of refreshing to feel "different" and "bold" for having kids than the way it feels in conservative communities. Where I grew up, big families were expected, and sometimes i felt pressure to have many, or like I'll never quite "make it" as a mom unless if have 5 or more. Which is completely silly, I know, but that's the way it felt sometimes. And so instead of their comments bothering me, they bolstered me. I'm already doing this mom thing, right here, right now, with my 3. Our choices may be strange or different to people on both sides of the family-size road, but you have to just stay true to what God is calling you to and don't be ashamed of it, whether that be none, one, two, or a baker's dozen.

   Well that's all for now folks.  If you're into that sort of thing, you can follow me on Instagram over HERE.   It's almost Friday!  Happy weekending. 

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