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Hello friends!

  Are you tired today? I'll admit, I'm a little weary right now.  Archer is still getting up at night, enjoys mauling faces (see above) William is an active little guy who wants to play outside every day and we live where it rains all the time, and the girls need someone to do school with them.  The laundry has a tricky habit of staying 7 steps ahead of me and my spring cleaning list is hiding its head in shame right now.  And so I'm not really up for diving deep into philosophy, theology, psychology, or any other -ology today.  Let's just look at some things I've been loving lately, shall we?


   Root Pretty makeup.  I ain't 23 anymore, and so it's time to start getting a little more intentional about my skin care regimen. I've started buying this makeup because all of their products are made with natural, skin-loving ingredient and no fillers. Plus, it's based in Iowa and I love feeling a small tie to my old home state. Here are some of my favorite products:
Face---This moisturizer, and the Pretty Booster.  Choose the color closest to your skin tone for a lightweight primer and anti-aging moisturizer.  You can follow with powder foundation for a more finished look, or just use this instead of foundation, like I often do!  You will love it.
Blush---They have so many amazing colors it can be hard to decide, but I have and love Merlot (a deeper burgundy, perfect for fall/winter) and Punch Love (light pink and peachy tone, perfect for spring/summer).
Lipstick---I only have "Bell" (a light, summery peach/orange tone) in the lipsticks, but "Kate"is next on my list to try! For a lighter color, moisturized option, try the lip balms! I like Merlot and Paris.
Brows---I don't even pluck my eyebrows but they're still very naturally thin, so I am loving this pomade to add fullness and definition.    
If you do choose to order, pretty please (see what I did there:) use this link, and it will give me points to use towards earning free product.

   Recently, I've started a series of sorts on my Instagram where I post about my latest frugal finds and thrifted fashion.  What started out as something I didn't think would really interest people has received a lot of positive feedback, and I realized that it can be kind of refreshing to see second-hand fashion promoted in a world that shouts "NEWER IS BETTER!" all of the time.  But the main pain about thrifting is definitely the sacrifice of time.  Obviously it's difficult with small children and disappointing when you brave a trip and go home with nothing.  Enter, Thredup!  A friend told me about this site and I loved the idea of second-hand shopping online. And use my referral link to get $10 off your first order!

 After hearing it recommended from many different sources, I scooped up this book at a garage sale and am using it to teach our girls to read.  Jocelyn is 6 and Charlotte is 4.5, and it's been working so well.  They are starting to read beginner level books, and it's so exciting to watch their progress.

  I know like, seriously NOTHING about hair.  Nothing.  I mostly wear a top knot or a braid of some kind because I have no idea what else to do with it.  Because of my lack of hair knowledge, I have learned to listen to others who actually know what they're doing.  And so when Grace recommended this product for fine, flat, thin hair and I was like, "RUNNNNN!!!!!"  Basically, my hair is super straight, fine, and wants to lay perfectly flat all of the time.  I know what you're thinking, "Man, that sounds nice, I wish my hair would do that!" WRONG.  You're only thinking that because you have curly/frizzy hair, and my guess is that if you have hair like that, you also have a little magical thing called TEXTURE.  And that is something that my hair will never, ever, even try to have on its own.  Isn't it funny how all the curly/wavy haired women wish for straight hair, and all the straight-haired ones wish for curls? That's because if you have natural wavy hair and straighten it, it actually looks good!  Even straight, it will still have bounce and body.  When my hair lays straight, I look like a drowned rat.  Or one of those hipster, Millennial guys that just took down his man-bun.  Lovely.  And so if your hair is like mine and is fine and flat, tends to get greasy fast and has ZERO body, then use this stuff.

   My sister-in-law and I have been discussing the many health benefits and supposed merits of this product lately, and I need allllllll the advice.  Is it worth the money?  Does it work? Capsules or liquid? Flavored or not?  If any of you out there are experienced users, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and help a girl out!!

   That's all for today, now it's your turn! Tell me about the things you've been loving lately, I'd love to hear.

~~~If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. This won't add anything to your cost, but will help to keep the rest of my content free.  Thank you so much!~~~

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