Summer, where have you been all my life?

9:00 PM

I have been nearly afraid to say it until now, for fear that maybe it would make it go away...but after quite a few sunny, cloudless, rain-free days, I am thrilled to announce that summer may be here. I have told several people that my resolution for this summer is to not ONCE complain about the heat, because it is so preferable to that blasted rain that nearly drove me insane. Hold me to it.

Friday evening was spent with Kevin & Jessi and little Madison, Brandon & Cindy and little Anna Lee, and we had a lovely time.

Randy acting goofy


Meet "Bun-bun"

Yogurt pie with strawberries and graham cracker delish.

Our lovely hostess Cindy, pregnant with twins!

New mommy Jessi, and preggo Cindy and I :)

This year I am SO thankful for friends. For the ones back home that I don't get to see often that I miss very much, and for new ones that I'm making in my new home, in Oregon. It's amazing how much difference a friend can make! Just like on Saturday, when I had a church to clean all by myself, and Jen helped me! Talk about a lifesaver. In return, I weeded her flower bed, but I think I got the better end of the deal! God really wouldn't have had to bless us with the gift of friendships and relationships, but I'm so thankful He did. Some days, it's what gets me through. So if you are one of my friends, near or far, please know that I cherish your role in my life, and I just hope that I can be half of the blessing to you, that you are to me!

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  1. Hey Shelly, Didn't know your in the same area as Brandon and Cindy,So did you see his parents when they were there? Brandons mom is one of my BEST Friends, small world. I to thank God for friends..
    Twila Hochstedler

  2. That's so interesting! I did get to meet Brandon's mom and she is the sweetest lady! It was so nice that they could be out for a long visit like that. When they found out where I was from they asked if I knew Leonard and Twila.:) It's neat to make connections, it helps you feel not so far away. :)


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