Showers and sunshine

5:58 PM

God is up to something....

   I'm not exactly sure what yet, but I'm just hoping I come through all of this all refined, and more of the person He wants me to be. 

   In other news, the past few days I've had the privilege of attending two baby showers, one for a girl-yet-to-be-born, and one for a sweet baby boy.  Makes me that much more excited to meet my little one and finally know if I have a son or a daughter!  First one was for Emily......

After the shower we went to the football game, which turned out to be quite intense!  Baby's first game was a loud one. :)  Go Ducks!

The weather was great, and the sunset made for a beautiful sky over the stadium.  A couple of days later was another shower, and I just had to snap a few pics of the decorations and food!  The ladies responsible did such a good job.

   I feel like maybe the things I put on my blog sometimes paint a picture of rosy-colored bliss.  Well, I want to be more real than that.  Even if it makes me vulnerable.  This past weekend was definitely an interesting one...full of emotional ups and downs.  Good times and not-so-good ones.   Had a mini melt-down and I'm just glad to report that God has reassured me of His love and care.  Life goes on.  Clinging to this verse right now,  "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."  -Exodus 14:14

   Prayers are always appreciated for this little family of mine!

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  1. That's a powerful verse from Exodus. I know I need that a lot. Sometimes it's so incredibly hard just to "be still."


  2. I like your thoughts on being real. I am on that journey- opening up myself whether it makes me vulnerable or not. It is so much more freeing than having walls built. Not that I think you do. I'm just speaking for myself.
    I really love your blog, Shelley. I don't feel like you're trying to paint a rosy colored picture. Keep up the good writing!
    Love, Tina

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement Tina! You make me feel like I actually have something worth saying. :)


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