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  Need a laugh? Don't we all? Can't find one? Well my dearly loved ones, your search is over.   If I ever need a laugh, there are a few blogs I know I can go to and this is one of them. 


   Not only is this blog GOBS of fun because of all the inspiring, amazing pictures of furniture/home makeovers, but she has such a quirky sense of humor that gets me every time.  Quotes like......

   "Did you grow up with a "front room?" The fancy room that no one was ever allowed to enter unless they were royalty or clergy and only then if they had removed their shoes?"

   "Normally I'm not real fond decor that tries to boss me around. I've been in homes where every time I turn a corner I'm commanded to ENJOY or DREAM or CELEBRATE or REPENT or whatever. My mom has a little sign in her house that says BE AMAZING! I just can't take the pressure! What if I'm only so-so? Then what, bossy little sign, then what?"

   Ahhh, I laugh.  If I let myself, that blog could get me depressed.  So many pictures of people completely TRANSFORMING their drab little bathroom, or tacky little kitchen into something stunningly fabulous can be intimidating.  But then she cracks a comment like,   "Holy snot. Is that a ... microwave? And I use the term micro loosely. That looks like something that fell off Sputnik's control panel and caught fire as it reentered the atmosphere." And I remember why I love her blog.

What makes you laugh? Share it with me, we can all use a pick-me-up on these gray, Oregon winter days. 

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  1. Well you made me laugh:-) Thanks for that. I'll have to check out her blog. --Ladonna

  2. Yes, I love her blog. I have frequented it since you first told me about it. Madison makes me laugh and her little veggie tales cd that we listen to. It has songs like, "does your vine hang low, does it need miracle grow" sung to the tune of "do your ears hang low" and "There was a gourd who had a drum and bongo was his name oh B-O-N-G-O." Ah, it makes me want to dance around and act like a little kid. So I do, and pretend that I'm doing it to entertain her. :)

  3. Made me smile, thanks for sharing Jessi! I might have to get me one of those cds "for Jocelyn" *winkwink* :) Plus, I can just picture you doing that...haha.

  4. Haha. That is great :) I love funny movies... (which are hard to find if they are clean too)... but, when I find a good one, I love it!!


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