Sake's alive, she's almost seven weeks!

10:14 PM

*Happy sigh*

   Last night when Randy got home from work he took Jocelyn and went for a 3-mile run while I got a much-needed nap.  Delightful, I tell you.  He also picked up Thai so I didn't have to cook, and it was delicious as always.  Strange thing was, even though I knew Jocelyn was perfectly safe with him and I knew I really needed that nap, I still fought anxiety over her leaving the house without me! NMS, (New Mom Syndrome) I suppose. 

    Today I actually got alot accomplished. O.k. so it was only cleaning the house, getting some exercise and cooking dinner, but for me, that seemed like a lot.  Life is finally sort of slipping back into normalcy, and we are getting ourselves into some semblance of a schedule, and that allows me to actually get something done other than just feed/bathe/hold the baby.  It's a good feeling. 

   So the exercise I got today was nothing too ambitious, just a nice, long walk.  But it felt so good.  We have actually been having unseasonably nice weather, or I guess it's unseasonable, but I haven't really lived here long enough to know.  Anyway, it wasn't raining and I was comfortable in a t-shirt and light jacket, so I would call that nice weather for February.  Especially since most of the rest of the U.S. seems buried in snow right about now.  Not that I haven't been jealous of that a time or two, but I'll be honest...being able to take Jocelyn on a walk in the middle of winter is alright by me.  Speaking of aforementioned baby...she's growing like a weed!  Can hardly keep up with her.  She's in that stage where it seems as if she looks a teeny bit different every single day. 

 I mean in just 6 1/2 short, brief, fleeting weeks, she has grown from this........ this!  Crazy I tell you, just crazy.  And the craziest thing of all, is I know that she's just gettin' started.  Everyone (and I mean EVERYone) tells you when you're pregnant that, "Time is gonna fly!" and all sorts of cliches like that.  "They grow like weeds!"  "If you hold real still, you can actually hear them grow." "Be careful...if you blink, they're graduating!"  You get the picture.  But I'm tellin' ya, it's TRUE!  Wow oh wow, and I guess it's just something a person can't hardly understand until they have their own.  It's wild. 

    Kinda scary actually, visibly seeing time move like that.  I'm just glad I don't wake up looking older every day.  I guess technically I do, but I'm thankful it happens in small enough increments that it's not really noticeable.  Or at least I think so until I look at our engagement pictures taken a short 3 years ago and think, "Wow, I look younger there."  

Ug.  Enough talk about how fast time is flying by.  I think I will go feed baby and get some beauty rest to counter-act my aging face....

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  1. So adorable...thanks for the update on your little girl.


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