Baby, it's cold outside....

11:43 AM

But I think the little one is staying nice and toasty.:)

Big Sister Jossie already loves her baby.  She fell asleep playing with and talking to this one. 

We are so excited.:)

Have a very, merry Christmas.  I know we will.
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! When are you due? We're expecting our 2nd in May...happy for ya!

  2. Hooray! Yes, when is your due date :) Jossie with be a great big sister!

  3. yay its out :-) congratulations! so many babies due next june and july!!! Jerin

  4. How exiting!!!
    I will be keeping you in my prayers:)


  5. Congratulations, randy & shelley!!

  6. Congrats! Hope you are feeling good.

  7. Congratulations! I thought I'd finally comment, since I read your blog all the time. :) My little girl is two months older than Joce and we're expecting our second little blessing in June! If you ever visit your cousins in Accident Maryland, we should have a hot drink together... because I think we'd have lots to talk about. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

    A sister in Christ,
    Lindsay Schmuck

  8. This is SO GREAT. Congrats, you guys! It was really good to see you again, Shells!
    Muchhhhhh love,

  9. I am excited,too. Congratulations Shelly and Randy!! I missed seeing you Shelly and your dear Jocelyn yesterday for the Christmas service! Randy looked so lonely! I am so thankful your family has joined Fairview. It is such a blessing to have you guys in our church family.You are all very special and talented as well.


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