Tunes for tots.

12:01 AM

   Have you all discovered Pandora radio yet?  It's so great.  Especially handy for technologically-challenged people like myself, who don't take the time to figure out how to download/purchase music for their iPod, or put music on their phone.  You just create a radio station and push play.  You can choose from one of their many genres, or create one based on a favorite song or artist. 

   The station I'm especially enjoying these days is called "Children's Indie", which is basically a lot of fun, folksy, kid-friendly songs.  Its catchy tunes have me singing along instead of wanting to put my head in a blender like some other children's music can. 

   The only unfortunate thing, is the absence of "Christian" songs.  It's still a great station and I like a lot of the songs, I just wish I could find a Christian station for children's songs that is comparable in talent. I have a Steve Green kid's cd which is great, (because it's a classic that I grew up with, and it makes me very nostalgic) and a "Hidden in my Heart, Lullaby Journey through the Scriptures" cd that I love.  But not much more than that.  I mean, come on, there are a lot of great Christian musicians out there, why aren't they writing great Christian songs?  Are we seriously going to be relegated to singing "Deep and Wide" and "This is the Day" for the rest of our lives?  Surely there is some new material out there that we can come up with.

   There's got to be.  I mean, I refuse to let bands with names like "Barenaked Ladies" have the market cornered on catchy children's music.  Because let's be honest, your kids aren't stupid, and they're going to figure out what sounds good, whether or not you want them to.  And this song, "Pollywog in a Bog" by the aforementioned band is downright contagious.  Like, ridiculously toe-tapping.  And catchy.  And silly.  And pretty much everything a kid would love.  So my question is, why can't some Christian artists crank out something this addicting?  Come on, people!  Hmm, maybe if I want it to happen so badly, it means I have to do it...oh dear.

  In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying these songs that Pandora helped me discover:

Well, that's all for now folks, it's somebody's bedtime.  Sweet dreams.

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  1. hey Shelley, Cedarmont Kids has a station on Pandora and Kylie LOVES listening to it. Good luck with your search and with writing your own songs!!!!

  2. "Bullfrogs and butterflies, a-both been born again! Sing it!"

    I agree with you, Shells. There needs to be more catchy Christian songs that don't induce suicidal tendencies.

  3. Go Fish. They pretty much do only kids music now.

  4. This is one thing I will always remember is my parents playing music throughout the house as a little girl. Keep it up! It is such a great thing! I love Pandora as well! Such a great outlet

  5. Oh Shells, some day I'd still love to take up your request of making a lullaby cd. "Some day" being hopefully before your children's grow up! :)

  6. Shelley, you NEED to check out Spotify. It dominates Pandora in the sense that you can have artist radio stations (maybe the stations are not as extensive/good as Pandora's?), but also the much more flexible and customizable ability to build your own playlist. The selection is, like, most of widely available recorded music. And it is absolutely above board legally.

    I just checked, it even has Steve Green's Hide 'em in your heart. And tons of Go Fish.

  7. awww... I miss Pandora... not available outside the states :( anyhoooo... does Pandora not have the "create your own station" features anymore??? when i was listening in college, you "seeded" it with songs/artists you liked and then it provided you with more in a similar vein -- so try creating a "christian kids" channel. and hey, no mention of the fabulousity that is Veggie Tales from OUR youth??? always good for some silliness! oh, and not necessarily christian, but just excellently done, simple and sing-along-able: Raffi! His albums have a lot of the "classic" kid songs (Baa, Baa, black sheep; Frere Jacques; etc.) but originals too... Five Little Ducks is one of our faves. oh, and albums of Disney music. quality there.

  8. Have you tried Seeds family worship? I'm not too familiar with their music but hear wonderful things about them.


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