For the love of art.

2:49 PM

   Recently I noticed that my girls didn't seem to be very interested in art. Well, Jocelyn anyway.  I guess Charlotte still is a little young. Anyway, I couldn't figure out a good reason why, but then I realized that art wasn't very accessible.  They would have had to ask for things first, (if they would have even known what to ask for) and then I would have had to round up the supplies, and then help them with it, and to be honest that just wasn't going to happen very often. 

  Enter, the art corner!  A small space that can be set up for all their crafting/creating needs, and needs little supervision from me.  Of course it needs some, as there are beads to swallow and markers to eat, (and that's not just a metaphor, Charlotte truly eats markers) but that is time I should be taking to play with them anyways, and now that play can be just a little more structured.   All of the supplies can be found at a Dollar General, and so what you see there cost a measly $10.

   So far I think it's safe to say it's been a hit, although it still needs a little modification.  I might put all the activities away but one, and then bring them out one at a time so that they stay new and interesting a little longer.  But so far, it's been working fairly well!  I so desire for my home to be a place that encourages creativity, and though I haven't always done the best job of it in the past, there are new days every day.  

  And of course, it gets messy.  That room can be a lot harder to keep in order now, but isn't that the point?  A life without ever any mess doesn't sound like a very interesting one to me.  I'd much rather be getting in up to my elbows in mess and discovering and exploring and creating something than sitting in a sterile room with everything in its proper place while I'm dying inside.  

   And the girls aren't the only ones getting in on the fun, their little arty party got me inspired, and I decided to try my hand at some sketching.  I chose this photo of Randy and I when I was pregnant with Jocelyn, and it will always be one of my all-time favorite photos.  I can't wait to do a collage and add some sketches to the mix!  You truly never know what you may find you can do, or will enjoy until you try it.

   So my challenge to you today, is to go see if you can't create something in your little corner of the world. 

And embrace the mess.


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  1. Wow, I am truly impressed with your sketch! Wish I could draw like this! I do in-home childcare now so I can be home with my children and we have craft time everyday, Pinterest is a great source for craft ideas as they get bigger and you want to structure it a bit more. I have found hundreds of hand and footprint crafts that are so much fun and then you have the keepsake of what their little hand and feet looked like later in life when they are not so little!

  2. The art corner looks great! Good idea. :)

  3. Looks Like fun. An Art Corner is great, [especially if you don't mind the mess]. Very Creative.

  4. Your drawing is so cute Shelley, way to go! I love drawing, painting, etc and need to do it more. JoNell

  5. Love the drawing! This is such a neat idea for a nursery or even an older child's room.

  6. that's a great sketch, Shelley! I couldn't agree more that you don't know until you try =)


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