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   Yesterday we decided to forgo the expensive dinner/movie for date night, and packed a picnic dinner and took a long hike together.  It kicked my tail a bit, aint gonna lie, but the views were beautiful.  And it got me's o.k. to break the rules.  To not always do things that are the  status quo, but try different things in life.  And you know what?  It's more than o.k.  It can be awesome.

It's o.k. to not always have a clean car.

It's o.k. to not be a domestic goddess 100% of the time.

It's o.k. to leave food so long in the fridge it starts to resemble a science experiement.

It's o.k. to co-sleep with your kids sometimes.

It's o.k. to not always have it all together on Sunday mornings.  

It's o.k. to give your children ice cream just so they won't be sad you're going out for the evening.

It's o.k. to not have your whole life planned out, and make things up as you go.

It's o.k. to wash darks and lights together.

It's o.k. to brush wet hair.

It's o.k. to have an off day, and just stay home.

It's o.k. to forget to floss.

It's o.k. to be naturally outgoing, and choose to be shy now and then.

It's o.k. to not follow recipes.  

It's o.k. to forget birthdays now and then.

It's o.k. to not always say the right things, as long as you're willing to admit when you're wrong.

It's o.k. to be flawed, as long as you don't hold others to an ideal of perfection.

It's OK.

It's OK. 

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