Up, up and away.

2:21 PM

    Yesterday, our friends Jess & Greta Ropp invited Randy and I to act like a couple of young, childless, dating couples with them and go for a spontaneous flight out to the coast for lunch after church.  And it was lovely.

   I'm not one to normally be afraid of things like flying in small planes, but I said a few prayers that day.  For some reason, I simply could not the image out of my head of that small plane going down and the poor, 6 little orphans that would be left without parents as a result.  Thankfully, Jess piloted us there and back safely, but it was not without some excitement.

    So that excitement I mentioned earlier?  Well, when we prepared to take off from the coast for home, we realized to our dismay that the fog had rolled in from over the ocean and it was nearly completely clouded over.  For a while, Jess thought we were not going to be able to get out of there at all, and we would have to borrow a car to drive back.  We said a couple prayers, and decided to load up the plane and see if something would clear up a bit.   After a while, Jess said, "I think we'll try it."  And I'm not sure if 5 words ever struck more fear into my heart.  But he piloted that fog like a pro, and we made it, only to have him admit afterwards, that it was one of the scariest moments he's ever had flying.  Whew.
 I'll let you locals try and guess whose farm this is. :) 

   Sister-in-law Stephanie and her boyfriend Chris were our dutiful babysitters, the kiddos loved it, and of course we enjoyed our getaway to the coast, and so it was all a win-win.

And all the extra praying didn't hurt anything either.

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  1. Glad to see that your confidence in my piloting skills has increased after yesterday :) Thanks for spending the day with us. We had a blast!


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