In the Spotlight: The Parcel Post Company.

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   Remember my "In the Spotlight" feature on the blog?  No?  Well that's o.k., because I forgot about it too.  If you'd like to catch up, you can check out other Spotlight posts here and here.   But what I want to talk to you about today, is the beautiful brain-child of the lovely Nicole Neesby, whom I've also featured in my Spotlight series, and you can catch that post over here.  But for those of you that don't know her at all, I'll give a brief bio.

   Nicole is a busy mama to one handsome little guy, wife to Adam, blogs over at Today is my Favorite and enjoys the every day moments in their charming home in a small town in my old home state, Iowa.  That was a mouthful.  Things you should know about Nicole:
  •  She never meets a stranger.
  •  Her energy is tiresome even to watch from the couch.
  •  She has enough ambition for the average 3 people.
  •  She's willing to work incredibly hard to make her dreams come true. 
  •  She blogs about it all, all while in the trenches, so you can easily identify.
  •  She simply astounds me with her ability to network/connect with people, is a vast gold mine of info on blogging and other creative pursuits, is a good listening ear and even better bit of advice and....need I go on?  
   Anyways, this creative giant just launched a brand-new company and you can read all about it on her blog.  I just know you're going to want to get in on this goodness.  So go ahead and ignore my need for a manicure, and just look at the cute little items that you could find in your mailbox one day!

 Perfect for either of my little ladies as you can NEVER have too many hair accessories! 

   We already love having little tea parties but they just went to a whole new level with these handmade, felt and cotton tea bags! How darling are they?

   The thing I love most about this banner is....well, o.k. so it's three things.  #1, burlap. #2. the letters are all different colors, making it suitable for any occasion.  Christmas, birthdays, etc.  #3, The banner says "Celebrate" rather than "Give thanks" or "Happy Holidays" or any other phrase that would limit its seasonal use.  So basically, I can put it up and leave it up year-round.  That's MY kind of decorating, folks.

  To purchase your own subscription to The Parcel Post Company, just head over here.  And hurry, because they are giving away a 1 month trial subscription on her blog as well as a coupon code for $5 off anyone's order of 3 months or more.  Just enter the code CELEBRATE5. 

  So why snail mail in this age of booming technology?  Well I'll let Nicole tell you............

January 1, 1913. 
Post Master General Frank H. Hitchcock inaugurated The Parcel Post Service in the United States of America. Dry goods and other products began to fly back and forth across the country on trucks and rail trains. It became an inexpensive way to get a variety of goods to rural customers.  College students even sent their dirty laundry home to their mothers, as it was cheaper than doing it themselves. It wasn't until 1914, that little four year old Charlotte May Pierstorff was mailed to her grandparents; after which the mailing of humans was officially banished.

While the daily mail once meant the arrival of handwritten postcards, mail-ordered home goods and even farm fresh eggs; the rise of technology in the 21st century has decreased our daily communication to nothing more than emails, texting and a plethora of social media options. Today our mailboxes boast of little more than monthly bills, credit card applications and a whole host of useless advertisements.

Our goal at The Parcel Post Company is to bring back the magic of mail time through monthly subscriptions to brown paper wrapped parcels filled with handmade items for less than the price of two coffees a week.

We'll see you at the mailbox.

  ----P.S. Nicole, I am so proud of you for reaching for the stars.  You never cease to inspire.  It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, some of my dreams might come true someday too.  And all the while being a stay-at-home mom!  How much better could it get?  Blessings to you and your new endeavor.  I wish you all the best. ----

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