Instagram, as of late.

7:52 AM

Making cider with our youth group.
Time with daddy.
Going retro for ladies Bible study on James, by Beth Moore.  Powerful study.
A little DIY inspired by this post.
Little miss, in a moment I want to never forget. 
A gift from my brother.  Yes, it's a coffee mug.
Charlotte turning on the charm, and a scarf with endless outfit possibilities from a dear friend.
Trying to squeeze in groceries after Bible study sometimes means napping in the cart.
My rosy-cheeked wake-up call.
You guys.  The best sushi I've ever had.

    This weekend was such a busy one for us with a date night, cider making, Gospel Echoes banquet, football game, church potluck, and pageant practice.  What did all of you do over the weekend?  Truly, I'd love to hear. 

   My plans for today  are recuperation in whatever form that may take.  Laundry, cleaning, and maybe even a teensy tiny nap. 

Happy Monday, folks.

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  1. i love that picture of charlotte sleeping the cart. HAHA! kids are awesome.


  2. Your girls are so cute!! Somehow she makes sleeping upright in a cart look comfortable. :)

  3. Aw, thanks for the comment! I'm a secret blog stalker of yours and love the thoughts and inspiration that come across your pages. Keep it up!

  4. Adorable little girl asleep in the basket and another helping with cooking! Love all the pics.

  5. Thanks for so many pictures. Makes the miles bearable. Mom

  6. instagram is the best. it's the main reason i wanted an iPhone. i know. that's so lame.
    our weekend? working in the flowerbeds, and a long run Sunday afternoon and with friends in the evening. pretty great actually.
    happy tuesday!

  7. Love the little doll fast asleep in the shopping cart. The sweet red coat! The blue tights! Oh! Makes me miss my girls being that age. Great pictures :)

  8. Ps. I also live in the beautiful pacific nw :)

  9. ok! you're adorable. i have lens envy. AND, now i want to eat sushi!!!!!

    i went away w my hubby for the weekend and it was mar-ve-lous!!

    happy wednesday. xo

  10. Love your bible study outfit! Cider pressing....something I want to try one day.
    I have never eaten sushi in my whole life...I think I'm the only person on the planet that has yet to eat sushi!
    Happy Thursday to you.

  11. Shelley that picture of you and your little one laying down together just warmed my heart! What a sweet picture! I don't know much about camera lenses but even I can tell that that lens is cool :)

  12. Love the coffee cup!!

    James is such a great study!!


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