DIY dollhouse.

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   Each year whenever Christmas time rolls around, I find myself wanting to give the girls something I've actually made.  Something I've poured my sweat, tears and time into, rather than just another annoying trinket from the mall.  Something they might actually want to give THEIR children someday.  

   And so this year, my husband and I (mostly Randy, let's be honest) made them a dollhouse.  And yes, I am just now getting around to posting some pictures of it. Mid-February isn't that far from Christmas, right?? 

  I thought briefly about making a tutorial of some kind, but let's be honest, it was pretty simple.  We just looked around on Pinterest for a tutorial that we liked (and there are tons) and we ended up using this one.  I loved it.  Simple and basic and easy-to-follow, it was just what we were looking for in our girls' dollhouse.

   The Big Reveal wasn't as climactic as I'd hoped it would be, but that was mostly due to a certain Mommy being too caught up in the hustle and bustle and whirlwind of Christmas activities to make sure it was covered up before shooing her kids out to the car in the garage.  And so they saw it in several stages of completion.  *covers face* But I like to think that the final product with furniture and everything was still a surprise!   Or at least they still treated it like a pretty cool present.  So, everyone wins.

  I looked all over (and I do mean ALL over) online AND in stores for furniture that I liked, and couldn't find anything because I am too picky.  But then I finally found these on Amazon, and I was sold.  The only problem?  Not enough.  So I need to purchase some more, or just keep adding individual pieces to the house gradually as birthdays and other special events come along.  

  It still has some work to be done.  I need to mod podge all the wallpaper, (and change some of it while I'm at it, because I love the bright colors and the neutral ones seem too bland) and add more little details like rugs and mirrors and art, but that will all come in time.  My FAVORITE part of the whole process was most definitely making the little family......

   Remind you of anyone? ;)  I wasn't really thrilled with any of the options I was finding online, and so I just decided to make my own, wooden peg little family.  The only problem is now it is already outdated and needs a little babe.  Or at least a big ol' bump on the mama. Ha.

  What are some handmade goodies you are loving right now? I would love to hear!  Etsy shops, small businesses online, etc.  Leave a link in the comments so I can see what's inspiring you lately!

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  1. Seriously, this make me want to have a little girl, just so I can build a doll house for her. :)

  2. I love it!! It turned out so cute!

  3. Girls really are SO much fun. :)

  4. The little family looks just like you guys and are just too cute! A doll house has been on my list for my girls cheap store bought ones just not nearly as cool..

  5. Hey Shell. Like I told you, I am terrible about keeping up with this lovely blog of yours, BUT whenever I do I laugh and often even cry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about staying in (previous post). Loved it. Also, way cool dollhouse! I would love to come play with those cutie-patuties with those diy dolls. ;) Love you friend, and it was wonderful to see you last month!


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