Easter blessings.

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A quick recap of our Easter this year, and just for fun, Easter posts from 2012, 2013, and 2014

   Two things that jumped out at me after looking back over those posts?  1---Obviously I love hats.  And 2---Easter is finally getting easier.  For a time in our lives, the getting out of bed early for the sunrise service, rushing around dressing everyone and fixing hair and throwing together diaper bags and preparing for Sunday school lessons seemed so chaotic and exhausting, it seemed no amount of time would ever improve it.

   But so I am relieved to realize that yes, it DOES get easier!  With the passing years we learn and grow and our little ones can actually somewhat help with getting their little church bags together and even put on their shoes and walk out to the car.  They get potty-trained, can survive without a full sippy cup of milk for more than 4 hours, and sit through an entire service quietly playing beside us.  And just like that, Easter Sunday doesn't seem so impossible anymore.  Of course, this is all just in time to start all over again with all the newborn craziness, so maybe I'm speaking too soon.:)

   One thing that DOESN'T seem to get any easier with the passing years, is managing to get a few good pictures of them dressed in their Sunday best.  With their hair disheveled and shoes long forsaken, they are usually tired and hungry and grumpy by the time I drag out my camera, and snapping even a few good ones for the albums usually just doesn't even happen.  But bad pictures are better than no pictures at all!  At least I think so.

Easter is always such a special time, for many reasons.

   We get to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, and rejoice in the hope of new life.  We get to fellowship with our church family, and worship Him together with people that are so dear to us, and have invested in our lives in such meaningful ways.  We get to spend time with family and enjoy good food and time together. 

   And a special part of this Easter?  Jocelyn attended Sunday school without a meltdown, for three times in a row.  Big deal around this house!  Sticker charts and Frozen pajamas may have been used as the ultimate motivation, but you know what?  I don't even care!  

  Jocelyn has such a beautiful God-given personality, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her tender heart.  But that degree of sensitivity often comes at a price.....situations can be easily overwhelming and intimidating for her, and she is just not able to process them without experiencing a lot of anxiety.  I hesitate to label her "shy" because in different situations she is completely confidant and self-assured and outgoing.  When friends visit our home she is animated and talkative and interacts with other children wonderfully.  However in public, others' homes, or any large-group setting, it's a different story.

   Like any mother, I just want her to be courageous and strong and experience fully all the wonderful things this life has to offer.   I see her missing out on simple pleasures like group games, Sunday school, and making new friends and I worry....what am I not teaching her?   What am I not modeling to her, or affirming in her that might help her tap into that confidence?  

   Anyway, I always hesitate talking about this because I don't want to make it more of an issue than it already is.  I always try to reassure her that it is OK to be scared. I don't want shame to be attached to those feelings.  But the suggestion for the sticker chart resulted from opening up and talking with some other moms, and so I have since realized the value in being willing to share about our struggles.

   So now it's your turn....any advice for dealing with this?  Either in yourself or your children?  Things you would do differently if you could go back in time? I'd love to hear. 

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  1. I knew a little girl who could get frustrated in group. It seemed she preferred being with one Friend at a time,or maybe two. I don't know if it was less predictable in a larger group, or if she needed to be in control...


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